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09:00 - 23:00


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09:00 - 23:00

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About Us

Join us at The Country Park for a refreshing drink, friendly conversation and a relaxing atmosphere, whilst soaking up the panoramic views of the Humber Bridge and Humber estuary. Whether you’re meeting friends, walking the dog or enjoying a tranquil estuary hike, The Country Park offers families and friends a perfect place to relax and refuel. Enjoy home cooked food and all of your favourites from our bar menu and children’s menu, or take refreshment from our many beers, wines and soft drinks that are on offer. Indulge in some tasty food and enjoy one of our seven themed meals, ranging from a carvery on Sundays to Curry Night and Wine-Down Fridays. Take a look at the offers available here We are now also showing Sky sports in HD

Upcoming Fixtures

Hull v Sheffield Utd

19:45 Fri 23rd Feb

Warrington v Wigan

19:45 Fri 23rd Feb

Leicester v Stoke

12:30 Sat 24th Feb

Castleford v Hull Fc

15:15 Sat 24th Feb

Fulham v Wolves

17:30 Sat 24th Feb

Man Utd v Chelsea

14:05 Sun 25th Feb

Man City v Arsenal

16:30 Sun 25th Feb


19:00 Thu 01st Mar

Arsenal v Man City

19:45 Thu 01st Mar

Middlesbrough v Leeds Utd

19:45 Fri 02nd Mar

Burnley v Everton

12:30 Sat 03rd Mar

Scarlets v Leinster

15:15 Sat 03rd Mar

Wolves v Reading

17:30 Sat 03rd Mar

Kell Brook v Sergey Rabchenko

19:30 Sat 03rd Mar

Blackburn v Wigan

12:00 Sun 04th Mar

Brighton v Arsenal

13:30 Sun 04th Mar

Man City v Chelsea

16:00 Sun 04th Mar

Crystal Palace v Man Utd

20:00 Mon 05th Mar

New Zealand v England

21:30 Tue 06th Mar

Leeds Utd v Wolves

19:45 Wed 07th Mar


19:00 Thu 08th Mar

Hibernian v Hearts

19:45 Fri 09th Mar

New Zealand v England

21:30 Fri 09th Mar

Man Utd v Liverpool

12:30 Sat 10th Mar

Aston Villa v Wolves

17:30 Sat 10th Mar

Rangers v Celtic

12:00 Sun 11th Mar

Arsenal v Watford

13:30 Sun 11th Mar

Nottingham Forest v Derby

14:30 Sun 11th Mar

Bournemouth v Spurs

16:00 Sun 11th Mar

Stoke v Man City

20:00 Mon 12th Mar


19:00 Thu 15th Mar

Spurs v Newcastle

20:00 Fri 16th Mar

Burnley v Chelsea

12:30 Sat 17th Mar

West Ham v Man Utd

13:30 Sun 18th Mar

Motherwell v Celtic

14:15 Sun 18th Mar

Man City v Brighton

16:00 Sun 18th Mar


19:00 Thu 22nd Mar

Scotland v Costa Rica

19:45 Fri 23rd Mar

Luton v Barnet

17:15 Sat 24th Mar

Chesterfield v Notts County

13:30 Sun 25th Mar

Portsmouth v Oxford United

16:00 Sun 25th Mar


19:00 Thu 29th Mar

Blackburn v Bradford

19:45 Thu 29th Mar

New Zealand v England

22:00 Thu 29th Mar

Oxford United v Scunthorpe United

12:45 Fri 30th Mar

Hull Kr v Hull Fc

13:00 Fri 30th Mar

Wigan v St Helens

15:15 Fri 30th Mar

Middlesbrough v Wolves

17:30 Fri 30th Mar

Derby v Sunderland

19:45 Fri 30th Mar

Newcastle v Brive

20:00 Fri 30th Mar

Crystal Palace v Liverpool

12:30 Sat 31st Mar

Munster v Toulon

15:15 Sat 31st Mar

Hull v Aston Villa

17:30 Sat 31st Mar

Edinburgh v Cardiff Blues

17:45 Sat 31st Mar

New Zealand v England

21:00 Sat 31st Mar

Dundee v Hearts

12:30 Sun 01st Apr

Arsenal v Stoke

13:30 Sun 01st Apr

Chelsea v Spurs

16:00 Sun 01st Apr

Preston North End v Derby

12:45 Mon 02nd Apr

Widnes v St Helens

15:15 Mon 02nd Apr

Catalan Dragons v Huddersfield

17:15 Mon 02nd Apr

Portsmouth v Wigan

17:30 Mon 02nd Apr

Sheffield Utd v Cardiff

19:45 Mon 02nd Apr

Fulham v Leeds Utd

19:45 Tue 03rd Apr


19:00 Thu 05th Apr

Day 1

19:00 Thu 05th Apr

Day 2

19:00 Fri 06th Apr

St Helens v Hull Fc

19:45 Fri 06th Apr

Salford v Warrington

15:15 Sat 07th Apr

Day 3

19:00 Sat 07th Apr

Bahrain Grand Prix

15:30 Sun 08th Apr

Day 4

18:00 Sun 08th Apr


19:00 Thu 12th Apr

Hull Fc v Widnes

19:45 Thu 12th Apr

Leeds v Wigan

19:45 Fri 13th Apr


19:00 Thu 19th Apr

Hull Fc v Leeds

19:45 Thu 19th Apr

Wigan v Castleford

19:45 Fri 20th Apr

Sevilla v Barcelona

19:45 Sat 21st Apr


19:00 Thu 26th Apr

Salford v St Helens

19:45 Thu 26th Apr

Azerbaijan Grand Prix

12:30 Sun 29th Apr

England v Spain

19:45 Sat 08th Sep

England v Croatia

14:00 Sun 18th Nov

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